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24 augustus

World-class acrobatics and street culture from the Ruhr region and northern Limburg meet in a spectacular show for young and old! Together, they bring the energy of the street to the stage. This results in a unique fusion of urban disciplines such as BMX freestyle, freerunning, tricking, breakdance, hip-hop dance and music, spoken word, street art and exceptional acts from the international circus world. There are more than 50 top talents on stage. The joy of creating together is bursting forth. An unforgettable experience for both the participating talents and the audience.

International popular production
URBANATIX has been making this kind of big show production for more than 14 years, attracting tens of thousands of visitors from the Ruhr region every year. They are now also coming to the Netherlands for the first time. For STREET CULTURE VENLO, this co-production is the next step in its efforts to further strengthen local urban sports and culture and give it a Euroregional stage. Maaspoort brings this performance especially in the context of its 40th anniversary and its own ambition to provide a making space for emerging talent in the Euroregion.

Artistic direction and artists
The artistic direction is in the hands of Christian Eggert, initiator and director of URBANATIX. He works together with creative producer Sikko Cleveringa and a creative team from NEW HELDEN NEXT LEVEL consisting of Jose Verhaegh and Aletta Smit and an occasional formation of Brohlin Coumans, Kenji Hendriks and Lotte Slangen (MADOUX). Other involved talents from North Limburg include: dance group ROGUE from URBAN DANCE STUDIO from Venlo, break dancers of NO WASTE (preheated STARDUST) from Weert, Freerunners Koen Heijnen and Finn Bouwens from MINDED MOTION, and Sem Kok together with Sietse ven Berkel (BMX freestyle). Participating artists from URBANATIX include: Natalia Nowakowski & dance crew (dance choreography), Sebastian Gies & freerunning crew (parkour choreography), Sebastian Maier & band (musical direction), Jana Januschewski-Moze (costumes), and the soloists: Robeat (Beatbox), Florian Zumkehr (Handbalance), Fenja Barteldres (Cyrrealism), Oskar Skrypko (Vertical Pole), Manda (Aerial Hoop), Anna Shvedkova and Saleh Yazdan (Acrobatics).

The show forms the main act of the URBAN SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024, which will take place in and around Maaspoort this year. With this fourth festival edition, organiser Street Culture Venlo is giving more attention than before to urban performing arts and storytelling. Like previous editions, however, there will also be a breakdance battle, a freerunning course, a BMX street jam and more, with emerging and established talent from across the region.  Check the latest updates on the programme at. Check the latest updates on the programme at www.streetculture.nu.

Celebrate with us!
In 2024, Maaspoort will be 40 years old! Happy birthday treats, so you will receive a substantial discount on a selection of performances. Will you join us in celebrating 40 years of Maaspoort? Redeem your discount with the gift code 4jm20 and order two tickets for € 40!

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