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Cultural education

Cultuureducatie the engine of a good brain

Your brain develops knowledge, by experimenting with knowledge you develop creativity. Theatre is the place to stimulate this creative brain!

A pupil learns to draw, make music and sing by listening and watching and especially by experiencing. All qualities that contribute to learning to read and write well. Thus, theatre does not only teach about the performing arts. Theatre also teaches who pupils can be themselves and what position they can take on important current issues in society. Apart from being educational, going to a theatre is above all a lot of fun!

"Where children are having fun, you can be sure that their brains are learning optimally." - Mark Mieras science journalist & physicist, specialising in brain development

Maasport offers special school performances for primary schools. During school hours. And why during school hours? Because cultural education is very important for child development. Many children have never been to the theatre and are unlikely to come here from home. So it's great that as a school you can contribute to this. That all primary school children have this experience at least once in their lives. Performances are tailored to the age of the pupils and the educational themes in the classroom.

Watch tip: in the video below, Mark Mieras explains what creativity and cultural education mean for brain development.

Inschrijfformulier schoolvoorstelling


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