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Accessibility You are welcome

disabled visitors

De Maaspoort is accessible for disabled visitors. The Maaspoort has automatic doors to facilitate access to the building as much as possible. There are two lifts in the building. There is a disabled toilet on each floor.

To get a quick idea of the accessibility and usability of our theatre, we would like to refer you to the website Toegankelijk Venlo www.toegankelijkvenlo.nl. Our building has been examined and assessed by the GTV working group of the Disability Council of Venlo on the following aspects: public transport; parking; entrance; horizontal accessibility; vertical accessibility; sanitary facilities; facilities for the blind and partially sighted; facilities for the deaf and hard of hearing; is the building smoke-free?

wheelchair spaces and adapted seats

Wheelchair spaces and adapted seats are available in the theatre halls. If you would like to use one of these seats, please mention this when making your reservation. Reservations for wheelchair and special needs seats can only be made by telephone or at the ticket desk. The number of wheelchair and special needs seats is limited, so please reserve in time. Adapted seats are seats that can also be used to stand next to.
Hela hall
The wheelchair spaces in the Hela Hall are located on the right-hand side of the hall, in rows 1 to 3 (and spare seats in rows 4 to 6).
The adjusted seats (possibility to stand up) are located on the left and right side of the auditorium on seat 17.
View the floor plan of the auditorium here.
Frans Boermans hall
The wheelchair places in the Frans Boermans hall are located on the left and right side of the hall in row 1.
The adjusted seats (possibility to stand) are located on the left and right side in row 9, chair 1 and chair 35.
View the floor plan of the auditorium here.
Piet Kingma auditorium
There are no fixed wheelchair spaces in the Piet Kingmazaal, but it is possible to place a wheelchair at the sides of row 1. It is possible to stand at the sides if this does not obstruct the view for other guests.


Do you use a walker? Please reserve seats in rows 1 to 6 in the Hela Hall or row 1 in the Frans Boermans Hall. Our hosts and hostesses will help you take your place. Your rollator will be parked near your place, but not hindering other persons.


If you have a WMO indication, you can be dropped off and picked up at our main entrance on the Oude Markt by the following transport companies:

  • Omnibuzz (transport pass)
  • Taxi
  • Community bus

When booking a ride with one of the transport companies, you need to indicate that you are in possession of a WMO indication.

You can also be dropped off and picked up by these transporters at our back entrance at Peperstraat 27. There is a (wheelchair) accessible entrance platform. Our hosts and/or ladies will be happy to welcome you there. If you are brought to and/or picked up by family/friends and/or an accompanying person, you can be dropped off at the side of the Primark (past the old city wall on the Maaskade). From there, you can reach the main entrance on the Oude Markt, possibly with an escort. See the map here.


Parking spaces for the disabled near our theatre are located on Maaskade (3 spaces) and in the Q-Park Maasboulevard car park on level -1 (2 spaces) and level -2 (4 spaces). See the map here.

hard of hearing

In the Hela hall, the Frans Boermans hall and the Piet Kingma hall, De Maaspoort has a portable teleloop system to transmit sound without interference. Read more about reserving the loop here.

assistance dogs

Persons who are assisted by an assistance dog (guide dog, assistance dog, signal dog, guide dog in training) are welcome in our theatre and our Bistro de Luif and restaurant Cabillaud (including the Scheuten terrace).


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