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Halls information per hall

Maaspoort extends over three floors. Each floor has toilets, bars, (theatre) halls, foyers and a lift. View the three-dimensional floor plan of De Maaspoort here.

ranks Hela hall

In the Hela Hall we have three grades; Golden, 1st and 2nd grade.
Gold rank: seats from row 7 to 12
Rank 1: seats from row 1 to 6 and from row 13 to 24
(with the exception of row 20 and 21 seats 11 to 16)
Rank 2: balcony, side balcony right and side balcony left
Rows 20 and 21 seat 11 to 16 if sound places apply.
second-class seats are marked as 2nd class because you may have less visibility or legroom. Seats 1, 2, 28 and 29 in row 5 on the balcony are less comfortable as they are folding seats.
ATTENTION! rows 1 to 3 are the same height and rows 4 to 6 are the same height. From row 7 onwards, the hall rises in each row. Are you small? Then you may have less visibility in rows 2, 3, 5 and 6 if there is a tall person sitting in front of you.
More information and a map of the Hela Hall can be found here.

grades Frans Boermans hall

In the Frans Boermans hall we have two ranks.
Rank 1: hall seats from row 1 to 9
Rank 2 balcony seats from row 10 to 13.
seats in the 2nd row are marked as 2nd row because you may have less visibility or less legroom.
ATTENTION! The balcony of the Frans Boermans hall can only be reached by stairs, there is no lift to the balcony of this hall. The auditorium seats are accessible for guests who have difficulty walking. In some cases, the Frans Boermans hall is transformed into a theatre cafe or pop venue. You will then receive tickets without seat numbers, you are free to choose your seat at the start of the performance.
More information and a map of the Frans Boermans theatre can be found here.

rankes Piet Kingma Hall

In the Piet Kingma zaal there is one row. You will receive tickets without seat numbers. At the start of the performance you are free to choose your seat.
More information about the Piet Kingma zaal can be found here.

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