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Engineering lighting plans, technical specs and more

address artist entrance

Peperstraat 27
5911 HA, Venlo

address loading dock

Peperstraat 31
5911 HA, Venlo

main entrance address

Old Market 30
5911 HH, Venlo

loading dock

The Maaspoort has three loading docks with the following dimensions: 16.5m deep x 4.35m high. The loading dock is 11.4 metres wide in total. There are 3 dock levellers, 2 unloading plates, 4 plate carts and 4 pump trucks available. View photos of the loading and unloading situation in De Maaspoort here.

Frans Boermans hall
Loading and unloading of the Frans Boermans hall is done using a goods lift with the following dimensions: 7m deep x 2.7m high x 2m wide. The maximum load is 3000kg.

Hela Hall
The electric rolling door to the Hela hall has a dimension of 3m wide x 3,44m high.

The Maaspoort does not have parking spaces for coaches and cars. In consultation, a passenger bus can remain in or in front of the loading dock.

theatre technology team

General 31 (0)77 320 72 22
Technical lists & Riders techniek@maaspoort.nl
Manager technique building and management | Ton Lamberts | t.lamberts@maaspoort.nl | 31 (0)6 229 227 29
Coordinator technique / plv. manager | Tom Janssen | t.janssen@maaspoort.nl | 31 (0)6 270 549 40
Planning & (performance) technique | Alexandra Jansen | a.jansen@maaspoort.nl | 31 (0)6 427 663 51

regular working hours theatre technology team

Break between 12.30 and 13.00 hours
Dinner between 18.00 and 19.00 hours

Inschrijfformulier schoolvoorstelling


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