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vision The Maaspoort

Visie Maaspoort what we stand for and what we think is important

Free to do, think, innovate, enjoy and relax

The challenging compass. Whatever you are looking for. Whatever your question or need. We realise it. Can't doesn't exist. And we challenge you. To look, think, act further.

You meet in an inspiring and quality environment that stimulates you. Challenges. Enriches. Seduces. We unburden you so that you can be completely free. Free to do, think, innovate, enjoy and relax

The Maas is a source of inspiration, a lover who flows through the heart of Venlo. Just as Maaspoort is also the beating heart of the city. The Maas is lively, beautiful, energetic and on the move.

The gate stands for the explorer. The guide. This one is always open to something new. Something challenging with a touch of rebel. This one leads you to new inspiration, (dis)excitement and enjoyment.

We believe that magical moments enrich a person's life. Moments in which people make beautiful memories together, which can be relived again and again, escaping daily reality.
We welcome our guests in warmth and atmosphere, like in our own home. Connect audiences, artists and many other people. Show guts, creativity and authenticity. We feel and behave like one big family.
In and around the most beautiful theatre in the Netherlands, we deliver high-quality experiences, and surprise and care for our guests. De Maaspoort stands for inspiring, stimulating and entertaining people together.
Collaborating | Enterprising with guts | Creative | Hospitable

We are Maaspoort


future vision

In this future vision, we express what we are going for and what we stand for. That we want to be of significance to the residents and visitors in Venlo and North and Central Limburg. And that we connect with them by offering beauty, inspiration and depth through relevant performances, concerts and projects. Read the complete Future Vision RAAK, here, now and later.

history of Maaspoort

Curious about the history of Maaspoort from 1981 to the present? Read here how Maaspoort transformed from Cultural Centre to the largest theatre and event location in North and Central Limburg.

annual report

We look back on an insanely successful year 2023. Read the full 2023 annual report here.

Scheuten terrace

Venlo theatre hotel

Governance Code Culture

Maaspoort subscribes to the Culture Governance Code. The organisation's governance model is the Supervisory Board model. Find out more about the Supervisory Board and the Culture Governance Code here.


Sustainability is important to us. We are one of the eight frontrunners within the Zero Waste Expedition Culture and subscribe to the GreenStages 2020 code. Read more about how we deal with sustainability within Maaspoort here.

Diversity & Inclusion Code

Our society is extremely diverse. Relating to this reality means responding to the diversity present in society. We do this by making work, products and services, and the organisation accessible to everyone. We therefore endorse the Diversity & Inclusion Code. Read more about the Diversity & Inclusion Code here.

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