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children to theatre for free

children to theatre for free you can't start early enough

children up to 12 years are free

At Maaspoort, (family) performances are free for all children up to 12 years old. Making a happy, positive noise and keeping theatre accessible - despite the ever-rising prices - that is what we want to achieve with this. You are cordially invited! Please note: always reserve (free) tickets (and therefore seats), to avoid there being no room in the auditorium.

How do you reserve free tickets for a (family) performance?

  • When booking a performance in the 'family' genre, first choose the total number of tickets (choose seats in the auditorium if necessary).
  • Then divide the number of tickets between the different ticket prices (normal price, children's price or free).
  • If you want to take your (grand)child to a performance in a genre other than 'family', you can do that too! Tickets for a child can then be reserved free of charge with the discount code KINDGRATIS2324 for performances up to 31 August 2024 and KINDGRATIS2425 for performances from 1 September 2024 (online, you can reserve a maximum of 1 child free of charge with this code, if you want to take more children to a non-family performance, please contact the theatre box office via info@maaspoort.nl). Please note that non-family performances last longer and are usually scheduled in the evening.

In case you are in lesser touch and can spare the amount for tickets? We love it if you choose to pay for the tickets then. Your contribution will be 100% used to make children happy for whom theatre is less obvious. See also: youth fund 'Good for each other'.


  • Please note: always reserve (free) tickets (and therefore seats), to avoid there being no room in the auditorium.
  • There is no maximum number of children per paying adult, but of course we ask for sufficient (at least 1 adult) supervision.
  • The free rate is only valid for children up to 12 years old, tickets will be checked upon entry.
  • The free rate is not valid for performances in the genres: From the region, Events and Education and performances at external venues such as Domani. In addition, a number of performances are excluded because they are not suitable for children due to content or safety. These include: dinner shows, star concerts, some cabaret artists such as Theo Maassen and the Murder in Bistro de Luif series.
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