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Break drink & cloakroom

Break drink & cloakroom as much comfort as possible

included in the ticket price

In order to provide you with as much comfort as possible, an interval drink and the use of the cloakroom are free with almost all performances

You can enjoy the intermission drink in the foyer of your theatre. Soft drinks and wines are served on buffers so that you can enjoy the interval as soon as possible. If the drink of your choice is no longer available, you can always order it at the bar. Beer is available at the bar and not from the buffets.

If the performance you are attending does not have an interval, we will be happy to serve you the free drink after the performance.

For star concerts, no interval drink is included, but use of the cloakroom is. In the case of family performances, only the children's soft drinks are free. If you would like another drink, you can order it at the bar.

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