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Livestream This is how you watch a live stream performance of Maaspoort

How nice of you to take part in one of our livestream performances! On the couch from your own living room. Make sure you have your computer, laptop, tablet or phone at hand. Read the tips below for a great livestream experience. We wish you an enjoyable performance!

How do you attend a live stream performance?

  1. Simply buy a livestream ticket online. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail after you have ordered, just like with tickets for the auditorium. Please note: We will use the e-mail address that you enter when ordering. Not received an e-mail? Please check your junk mail folder.
  2. To view the live stream, log in to your account and go to the 'my orders' tab. Only when you are logged in with your account can you watch the live stream.
  3. A green button will appear 15 minutes before the performance to start the live stream. Make sure you have your computer, laptop, tablet or phone ready in time
  4. Click on the green button and, if necessary, press the play button afterwards.
  5. Please note: you can only be logged in to your Maaspoort account and watch the live stream one place at a time

Casting, is that possible?
We make sure you can watch the stream on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Would you like to cast the performance to your TV? Connect your laptop via an HDMI cable to your TV. (Note: in the past, casting was possible, but because it is not a fixed protocol and every TV supplier deals with it differently, turning on this option does not guarantee that it will work. Therefore we have chosen not to offer this option anymore.)

With how many people can we watch the livestream show?
With one livestream ticket you can watch a livestream show once on one device. Your partner, children and/or fellow residents can therefore watch. It is not allowed to watch in a larger organised setting. Please take into account the coronagraphs and keep enough distance!

I missed the live stream show. Can I still watch the live stream?
No, a livestream performance is live and is not recorded. There is no refund if you do not use your livestream performance.

The performance has already started. Can I still watch it?
With a livestream ticket, you can watch the performance live at any time. However, you cannot watch the performance back or start it again from the beginning.

If I lose the connection while watching, can I log in again?
You can click on 'watch live stream' under 'my orders' in your account. This button remains visible even after the performance has started.

All rights reserved. It is not permitted to record, reproduce, distribute or broadcast the livestream or any part of it in any form.

Are you a guest at a performance or event that is being streamed?
Then you automatically agree to the fact that you may be visible on screen.

Extra tips

  • Make sure you are logged in on time, the show will not restart if you log in later and you cannot rewind or watch the live stream later.
  • Before the livestream starts, check whether the performance is visible under 'my orders' for the relevant theatre season.

  • If you wish, make sure you have prepared a snack or a drink in advance. The live stream cannot be paused
  • Turn on your sound yourself when starting the live stream (it is prohibited by law to have this on automatically);

  • Recommended browser in an updated version are: Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge (for your information, all possible browsers have been tested today and are working properly);

  • Make sure your web browser and computer/phone have the latest versions;

  • Watch the live stream on a computer/phone that is still being updated by the supplier;

  • Watch the live stream on a stable fast (fixed) internet connection;

  • Avoid Netflix, youtube and other video (streaming) services while watching the live stream;

  • Are you watching the live stream on your phone? Please hold your phone horizontally so you can fill the screen.

  • We are curious to hear about your experience, tag us on social media (@maaspoortvenlo).

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The Maas is an inspiration, a lover that flows through the heart of Venlo. Just as the Maaspoort is also the beating heart of the city. The Maas is lively, beautiful, energetic and on the move. The gate stands for the explorer. The guide. This one is always open to something new. Something challenging with a hint of rebel. This one leads you to new inspiration, (dis)excitement and enjoyment.

we thank our partners

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