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Piet Kingma hall

Piet Kingma Hall

The Piet Kingmazaal is an attractive small hall. This hall has an intimate theatre atmosphere and offers various possibilities for groups up to 400 persons.

room specifications

  • Mobile providers (GPRS, 3G and 4G)
  • Playing surface max. 16.60 m wide x 8.00 m deep
  •  Playing area with masking tape max. 10.60 mtr wide x 8.00 mtr deep
  • Grid meshes are 1.51 mtr x 1.51 mtr
  • Height floor / grid is 4.65 mtr
  • Grid / ceiling height is 0.46 mtr
  • Meyer UPA 1 C = 8x
  •  USW bass = 2x
  •  FOH centre on top floor gallery

why this venue?

  • Suitable for theatre up to 200 persons
  •  Suitable for dinner up to 110 persons
  •  Suitable for a party up to 400 persons
  •  Standard equipped with beamer and screen
  •  Subsessions possible on stage or in adjacent meeting hall
  •  Intimate theatre atmosphere
  •  Wheelchair access
  •  Air conditioning
  •  Wifi access

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