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15 maart

Rotterdam-based dance company Conny Janssen Danst presents the new performance ZIEL, in which the desire to live life to the full is leading. With live music and a rock-solid, adventurous group of dancers consisting of young talent and familiar faces.

In Conny Janssen's latest work, we stand in the middle of life, with all its uncertainties and contradictions. Can we accept life without becoming paralysed by the challenges ahead of us. Are we prepared to take risks? Can we be comfortable even when life does not bend to our intentions and wishes?

SOUL is an ode to life, with all its ups and downs, its surprises and disappointments. From hushed moments to exuberant celebrations, from painful confrontations to hopeful expectations. In ZIEL we express the urge to be free and reckless, to throw open the shutters and dive into the deep, without fear or trepidation.

Ahmed Aboutaleb |'In her performances, we recognise ourselves and the will to connect. Her dance brings worlds together.'

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