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17 maart

Geronimo Snijtsheuvel presents Peaceful Piano. A reclining concert. That means you can roll out your mat óon the stage, so you can really surrender to the concert. Slowly it gets quieter. The lights dim gently. You find yourself in a serene theatre hall. Next to the imposing Steinway grand piano, you close your eyes. You take a deep breath. All noise disappears. Time stands still for a moment. You are here now, and for a moment you don't have to do anything at all.

Come and enjoy the enchanting music of Geronimo Snijtsheuvel accompanied by a beautiful string quartet during 'Peaceful Piano'. Book your place now and get carried away by the beautiful sounds of composers such as Einaudi, Rachmaninoff, Oláfur Arnalds, Max Richter, Yiruma, Joep Beving or Yann Tiersen. Experience the magic of music and unwind for a while.

Geronimo Snijtsheuvel
Geronimo Snijtsheuvel is a Dutch artist and a master of creating enchanting melodies. Raised as a gifted classical concert pianist, however, he is best known for his breathtaking collaborations with world-renowned DJs on the world's most prestigious stages and stadiums.

Striving for continuous growth and improvement, enjoying life and personal development have always been of great importance, and this has led to his current focus on minimalism in his musical virtuosity. He has discovered the core, leading to his most recent creation: Peaceful Piano. It's all about essence now. "What do you really care about?"

During the recumbent concert, you do not sit on a chair, but experience the concert lying down on a mat you brought yourself.

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zondag 2 juni 2024 - 11.00 hour from: € 21,50

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