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30 oktober

The Limburg music company Matiz plays the most beautiful world music such as Folk, Klezmer, Gipsy and French chansons.

Enthusiasts will enjoy this ensemble. Matiz means "colourful, hue" in Spanish. It is the colours of the world that Matiz interprets in their world music. Matiz wants music to sound like it comes from the hearts of people, played with soul and bliss, sung with a folk voice and with bare feet in the ground. Songs about migration, sorrow, joy and wonder. With a tango, the South American sparks shoot under your heels; with a Japanese spring song, the petals fall into your lap. Another time, the melancholic flute takes you to a shipwreck on an Irish lake. Also the sensitive Yiddish song, the peppery Balkan and a fiery Flamengo continue to caress your ears. The way in which Matiz presents itself is simply unique.
The singer is accompanied by six professional instrumentalists with guitar, mandolin, bass, accordion, violin, percussion and various flutes. The ensemble has an eye and ear for detail for special listening music, timeless and remains fantastic to listen to.
Let yourself be pampered.

Composition of the ensembleVocals
Brenda Nijsen and Martin HoukesGuitar/mandolin
: Joop JanssenViolin
: Koen DekkersFlutes
: Leo HajeniusAccordion
: John DamenBass
: Sofie van RooijenPercussion
: Twan Wijnhoven


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