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13 juli

Toneelgroep Maastricht and Maaspoort present Het was Zondag in het Zuiden again in the summer of 2024. The last chance to see this Dutch spectacle musical with music by Rowwen Hèze about high water in Limburg. The lead roles are played by Buddy Vedder, Renée van Wegberg, Hein van der Heijden and others.

Saint Anthony takes us back to December 1993. A turbulent time. What started as a high water level of the Meuse River grew into a flood that totally overwhelmed Limburg within a few days. And at the same time brought them closer together than ever.

Radio journalist Sarah sees the troubled Meuse as the chance for a great report, the breakthrough in her career. But the radio editors of Omroep Limburg think otherwise. Sarah's parents try to secure their farm and the animals at all costs. Evacuation is not an option, even if the army demands it. Their eldest daughter Irene travels headlong to the Netherlands to assist them. A municipal council meets to protect the village. Mayor Ruiters, according to his councillors, is behind the times, despite all his efforts. They step up the pressure. Until he suddenly disappears without a trace.

The spectacle musical It was Sunday in the South can be seen at the Open Air Theatre De Doolhof in Tegelen. Don't miss it!

Toneelgroep Maastricht and Maaspoort
Direction: Servé Hermans
Script: Allard Blom
With: Buddy Vedder, Renée van Wegberg, Hein van der Heijden and more.
Music & lyrics: Rowwen Hèze, Jack Poels
Musical supervision: Ad van Dijk
Arrangements: Marco Braam
Choreography/Staging: Martin Michel
Dramaturgy: Ludo Costongs
Directing assistance: Margot van Deursen
Lighting: Uri Rapaport
Producers: Servé Hermans and Leon Thommassen

Around Openluchttheater De Doolhof you can park in public spaces. There is parking at the NS railway station (follow the yellow signs route 1) and at Raadhuislaan (follow the yellow signs route 2). There is a Kiss and Ride zone at the entrance to The Maze to drop people off. Some parking spaces are reserved for the disabled close to the entrance. We recommend coming by public transport, bicycle or on foot as much as possible.

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