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26 oktober

Legendary Dutch illusionist Hans Klok makes his return to the stage with a spectacular new show: Face the Future. Inspired by the lightning-fast technological developments in AI and Virtual Reality, he invites you to join him on an incredible magical journey through time.

The story begins with Hans Klok creating an online avatar as a solution to the challenges of being an illusionist in 2024.

However, this digital doppelganger soon develops a will of its own and no longer intends to be subservient to Hans Klok. As this independent-thinking creature amasses more and more power, it begins to take over Hans Klok's world bit by bit. The only way Hans can stop this process is to chase his digital alter ego through time until it takes a physical form and can finally be defeated.

Face the Future is a story about facing yourself, what happens when humans come into conflict with technology and a look at the human side of Hans Klok. But above all, it is a spectacular family show like the world has never seen before.

Magic Seats
Add a touch of éxtra magic to your visit to Face the Future with the Magic Seats. Specially selected seats are not only in the best spots in the auditorium, you will also get access to the exclusive meet & greet with the real Legend of Magic afterwards. While enjoying a drink, you will have the opportunity to ask that - for years - burning question and capture this moment with Hans Klok for eternity. Magic has never been so close. Magic Seats cost € 99 per ticket, no discounts apply.


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zondag 27 oktober 2024 - 14.30 hour from: € 62,00
zondag 27 oktober 2024 - 19.00 hour from: € 62,00

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TheaterDiner Bistro de Luif
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