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23 maart

Tall Tales Company takes you on a fascinating journey full of circus, violence and classical music. The performance A Clockwork Orange is a circus adaptation inspired by Anthony Burgess' cult classic of the same name, filmed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971. Exactly fifty years after the release of the film, six circus artists bring this story to life. Experience the mindless boundlessness of gang leader Alex and his companions in acrobatic feats in the theatre.

We live in a world where ever more far-reaching measures are taken to increase the sense of security of citizens, but does this not come at the expense of our rights as individuals? Are we trapped in regulations and a system that determines us? With A Clockwork Orange , you can step into a world where you don't have to follow the rules for a while. Meet the extremes of the human body and the forces that are released in this one-of-a-kind circus performance!

This show is suitable for the age category 15+. Please note, the performance contains images of (sexual) violence that may be experienced as shocking.

About Tall Tales Company
The Rotterdam-based city company Tall Tales Company makes its own form of circus theatre since 2012, in which circus techniques are in service of a storyline. In recent years, Tall Tales has grown from a small festival company to a fixture in the cultural landscape, with idiosyncratic work that can be seen in theatres, on the street, at festivals and online. After earlier flirtations with text theatre and visual art, in A Clockwork Orange the company is once again pushing the boundaries of the circus genre.

Theaterkrant ★★★★ | about their previous performance 'Langs': 'Once again, Tall Tales Company proves that it can tell a strong story through circus theatre that explicitly leaves it up to the audience what they take away from the performance. (...) A special and daring performance."

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