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De Maaspoort
The Maaspoort offers young musicians a stage Amuse Concert with the Santres Trio
13 jan 2020

The Santres Trio consists of the three young musicians Aya Kitaoka (violin), Sofía Lluciá Roy (cello) and Anna Michels (piano), who met a few years ago during their studies at Maastricht University. It clicked immediately between the ladies who then started playing together in the Santres Trio. Sunday afternoon, 19 January, they will take the stage in the Piet Kingma hall in the Maaspoort. VenloVaninnen talked to the ladies.

Text: Jac Buchholz | VenloVanbinnen

Aya Kitaoke comes from Japan, Anna Michels is of Scottish origin and Sofía Lluciá Roy is Spanish. It was the latter's question what made the three of them decide to study in Maastricht. "Because of the quality of the teachers, in my case cello teacher Gustav Rivinius. The quality of the teaching is particularly high."

The three ladies met in Maastricht a few years ago, became friends and decided to start making music together. This is how the Santres Trio came into being. Sofía Lluciá says that their friendship is important when making music together. "It makes rehearsing easier. We often understand each other quickly. We also discuss a lot, but always in a positive way", she laughs.

Since its foundation, the Santres Trio has performed on numerous international stages. Their programme, says Sofía Lluciá, consists of pleasantly sounding pieces by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Rachmaninov, but they also want to introduce the audience to less well-known composers. Although she was brought up on music, Sofía Lluciá says she does not compose. "I do come from a musical family. Both my parents play the piano and my two brothers are musicians too. However, I cannot translate the emotion I feel in music into compositions. It takes a lot of creativity

Young people
They adapt the character of their performances somewhat to the audience, Sofía explains. "Sometimes we play a complete composition, sometimes a part of it." She acknowledges that their audience is generally somewhat older, but they also try to reach young people. "We sometimes play music in schools; then we give explanations about the pieces we play, among other things. You notice that people listen more attentively if they know the background to the music."

Visitors of the concert of the Santres Trio also get an introduction before the concert in the Maaspoort. That starts at 11.30 hours. It is a so-called Amuse Concert, a new concert experience, intended to offer a stage to young musicians from the Maastricht Academy of Music. On Sunday, there will also be an art exhibition by Luna Art. Click here for more info & tickets for the Amuse Concert

Amuse Concert
A new concert experience on Sunday afternoon. Every edition, young musicians from the Maastricht Academy of Music perform for you. We frame the performance with delicious amuses. The musicians themselves give an introduction to the programme, which lasts approximately one hour. Before the start we serve a soup in the Piet Kingma foyer and afterwards you can enjoy a drink and various amuses in the foyer (all included in the ticket price). You can also chat with the artists and enjoy the art exhibition by Galerie LUNA-ART

Programming for and by young people is important to us. The amuse concerts are a collaboration between the Maastricht Academy of Music and De Maaspoort Theatre & Events.

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