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Support The Maaspoort

Support The Maaspoort care about culture and the future of theatre.

High-level classical concerts, the best Dutch theatre productions, a rich youth offering, young talent from the region and surprising performances from abroad. We do everything to keep the cultural offering for Venlo and the region at a high level.

Giving is about passion and being close to someone. Giving is more than just money. With a donation, you strengthen the cultural foundation of Venlo and give De Maaspoort the chance to build for the future.

Besides feeling satisfied, it can also be an attractive tax deduction because De Maaspoort has ANBI status. The Maaspoort is exempt from payment of gift and inheritance tax. Therefore, every donation benefits our activities in its entirety. Moreover, there is a special tax advantage for both individuals and companies. That's a nice bonus!

private donations

Thanks to the Giving Act that came into force on 1 January 2012, you can deduct 125% of a donation from income tax. Suppose you donate €1,000, the deduction is €1,250. If you fall in the 52% tax rate, the donation of €1,000 will therefore cost you only €350 net. So, thanks to this multiplier, you can deduct more from income tax than you have donated. This way, you owe less net, or you can donate more without it costing more net. However, there is a ceiling of €1,250. For a donation of €6,000, you can therefore increase it by €1,250.

For a one-off donation, a threshold of 1% of the threshold income and a maximum of 10% applies. For a periodic donation, these thresholds do not apply; for an annuity donation of at least five years, it is fully deductible from income tax.

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giving as a company

A company paying corporate income tax can deduct donations to charity from tax. Thanks to the Giving Act in force since 1 January 2012, companies can deduct donations to a cultural ANBI for 150%, with a maximum of €2,500. For a donation of €6,000, a deduction of €8,500 therefore applies. The total deduction may not exceed 50% of the profit.

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Bequeathing to our organisation is a beautiful gesture to future generations and a special way to emphasise connection with The Maaspoort. A bequest to The Maaspoort is free of inheritance tax. The Maaspoort does not have to pay tax on the inheritance received, because we are recognised by the tax authorities as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).

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donate button

When buying tickets via our website and/or at our box office, you can choose to make a donation. You can choose from various amounts. You pay the donation amount together with the ticket purchase via iDeal or via payment at our box office.


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