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06 oktober

In this spectacular theatre show, Pink Floyd's legendary double album is performed in its entirety, supported by many projections and a challenging set. the Wall 40 Years' is a grand, two-hour show, musically based on the live concerts that Pink Floyd gave in 1980 and 1981, created and performed by Pink Floyd Project, one of Holland's most appreciated tribute bands. In this show, expect new images inspired by the lyrics on the album, including references to current events.

the Wall' is Pink Floyd's magnum opus. A partly autobiographical piece of work written by bassist/singer Roger Waters in which isolation and abuse of power are central.
How does a successful artist deal with his fame while playing to packed stadiums? And at the same time struggle with the trauma of his father, who died in the Second World War, as well as a strict upbringing by his mother and the strict education at school? Will he solve his problems on his own? Or does he need the rest of the world after all?

Pink Floyd released 'The Wall' on 30 November 1979 as a double album, after which the piece was performed live 33 times in 1980 and 1981; worldwide only in four locations: Only four venues worldwide were chosen: Los Angeles, New York City, London and Dortmund. A show that was unprecedented in pop music at the time, with a wall metres high and metres long between the band and the audience, film simulations by Gerald Scarfe and life-sized puppets. After the double album and the series of performances, director Alan Parker filmed 'The Wall' in 1982, with singer Bob Geldof in the leading role.

In the years that followed, 'The Wall' proved to be both topical and relevant. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Roger Waters performed the piece on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin in July 1990, along with a host of international artists and in front of nearly half a million people and millions of television viewers in 52 countries. Twenty years later, Waters toured the world for three years with 'Roger Waters - The Wall', bringing the original show up to date and putting it into a more political perspective. The show was recorded for a DVD/Blu-ray and 2cd/3lp of the same name. The original 1979 album has sold some 40 million copies to date.

The Wall's live show at the time had a grand approach that was unparalleled in pop music and which you can now see in 'The Wall 40 Years'. Never before have you seen anything like it in a Dutch theatre!

With Kidsrights children's choir, large scenery, special projections and quadraphonic sound.

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