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26 november

In collaboration with Poppodium Grenswerk we present Kim Wilde live in De Maaspoort!

Rock diva Kim Wilde is 'unstoppable'! She will be sixty years old on 18 November 2020, right in the middle of her Dutch Greatest Hits Tour. A better moment for an anthology of top songs from her career, which has already spanned four decades, is hardly conceivable. A career that, after a break in the 90s, experienced a remarkable rebirth. The most recent feat is the European tour 'Here come the aliens' in 2019, in honour of the album of the same name that she released a year earlier. The Dutch Kim Wilde fans were also at her feet during that tour and confirmed with their frenzied ovations that the pop icon from the 'good old eighties' is far from being finished.

Kim Wilde's musical career got off to a stormy start in 1981 when she scored an instant global hit with 'Kids in America'. More 'New Wave' fireworks followed, such as the classics 'Never trust a stranger', 'Cambodia', 'You keep me hangin' on', 'You came' and the compelling 'Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime', which she sang together with the German rock artist Nena. Many of the gems from her repertoire of 14 studio albums and over 30 million record sales will be heard on the Greatest Hits Tour. But also newer work from her latest 'Here Come The Aliens' album. The songs 'Pop Don't Stop', 'Kandy Krush' and 'Birthday' quickly became hits on the international radio charts after the release of the album. A sign that among the new generations of pop artists of the 21st century, Kim Wilde is still a phenomenon in the music world!


  • This is a stand-up concert without seating.
  • Would you like to stay the night? That is possible in the indoor 4-star hotel TheaterHotel Venlo.
  • No discounts are valid at this show.

In March 2018, Kim released 'Here Come The Aliens', her 14th album to Worldwide acclaim. Charting in the UK album chart as well as all over the World, 'Here Come The Aliens' has been hailed as a stunning return to the spotlight. (Album of the week on BBC Radio 2) With the singles, 'Pop Don't Stop' , 'Kandy Krush' and 'Birthday' all becoming Top 10 Radio hits in the UK as well as all over Europe (two records of the week on BBC Radio 2), Kim reestablished herself as a force to be reckoned with alongside today's artists.

Throughout April 2018 Kim embarked on her first UK headline tour in over 30 years. The 19 shows were listed as one of the 'must see' events of the year by the Guardian and got rave reviews in the national press - culminating in a stunning sell-out show at London's Koko. - (4 Star Review by The Times). In May 2018 Kim took the 'Here Come The Aliens' tour to Paris and played in front of a sell-out audience once again at the beautiful La Cigale' venue. Summer 2018 saw Kim and the band playing various festivals all over Europe before continuing with the 'Here Come The Aliens' tour in October, visiting Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium and Holland.

In August 2019, Kim released her first live album 'Aliens Live', which continued the trend by charting in both the UK and Europe and earning rave reviews the World over. The rest of 2019 sees Kim and her band touring Holland and Belgium with the 'Return Of The Aliens' show before embarking on a Christmas acoustic tour in Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

2020 is all about the Greatest Hits Tour.... All over Europe with the most comprehensive look back at Kim's biggest hits ever undertaken. Kim Wilde orginally burst onto the music scene in 1981 with the classic 'Kids In America', a worldwide hit. This lead to a stunning career with over 30 million record sales spanning 12 albums and some of the most memorable hits of the 80s including, 'Chequered Love', 'Cambodia', 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' (number one in the USA), 'You Came', 'Never Trust A Stranger' and 'Four Letter Word'.


  • This concert is standing. There are no seats available.
  • Do you want to stay overnight? Relax and enjoy all the amenities at Theaterhotel Venlo.
  • No disount possible.

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