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28 september

Starman NL is the nine-piece David Bowie tribute band from the south of the country. The band was featured in the TV programme 'The Tribute - Battle of the Bands' where they received high praise from jury and audience alike with their powerful and emotionally charged renditions of Bowie's big hits.

After forming in 2019, Starman NL managed to conquer many hearts at breakneck speed with their very sincere tribute to the oeuvre of one of the greatest artists this world has ever known. Frontman Rias Baarda comes eerily close to David Bowie in terms of voice and stage presence at times, "like he's back...".

And that didn't go unnoticed by some very special people either... He recently received compliments from some musicians from Bowie's entourage, including Ava Cherry, Carmine Rojas and Mike Garson!

Ava Cherry (former lover and former backing vocalist David Bowie): "I really enjoyed him.... I think he has the chance to be something great...he has some tones very much like David. ..his energy... he really loves singing Bowie songs and being what that is.... I really like him and I think he has the chance of coming up and what I heard is really wonderful."
Carmine Rojas (former David Bowie bassist): " They're actually pretty good I like it with the horns... a good drummer too!"Mike Garson (former David Bowie pianist): "
He's good, nice feel! Loves the music."

Expect a wonderful journey through Bowie's oeuvre. From the well-known classics to pearls from the deep, all framed by the most wonderful anecdotes. An absolute must-see, for the inveterate Bowie fan but also definitely for the absolute beginner.

Musicians: Rias Baarda (vocals), Ivo Rouschop (drums), Bart van Zandvoort (bass), Roel van den Nieuwenhoff (keys), Thomas Beekwilder (electric guitar), Stefan Danckaert (trumpet), Thom Kooijmans (sax), Marlene Berger (backing vocals) and Saskia van Bokhoven (backing vocals).
Photo: William Rutten

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