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07 december

Paris - the city of great Chansonniers like Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and George Brassens, but also of Sinti guitarist Django Reinhardt and accordionist Marcel Azzola. These two instruments, the accordion and the guitar "manouche" are inseparable from all those wonderful melodies that still float along the Seine river every day. In their theatre concert, Paulus Schäfer - known from The Five Great Guitars, among others - and Dominique Paats - known, among others, as the first accordionist of Danny Malando's orchestra - take you on a musical tour of Paris. You will hear delicious Chansons, real Musettes and rousing Hotclub de France; performed virtuosically and inimitably by two born musicians. You will imagine yourself under the Eiffel Tower or on a terrace in picturesque Montmartre. Experience an unforgettable evening under the starry sky of Paris with Paul and Dominique: "Sous le ciel de Paris".

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