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17 september

In the autumn of 2022, Heritage Sinfonietta and singer Carla Maffioletti will join forces on stage and bring a world premiere to the Limburg theatres! In this compelling performance Carla takes you to Brazil, her home country. Together with the musicians of Heritage Sinfonietta she brings a musical ode to the Amazon region, in the form of a brand new composition inspired by Brazilian rhythms and by a special bird of paradise, or pássaro do paraíso. Supplemented by beautiful animations by visual artist Moniek op den Camp, it promises to be a special evening in which music, words and images come together in a way that touches you

The Story
The fable begins with the creation of the Amazon River of the forbidden love between the sun and the moon. The harmony of nature is beautiful and peaceful until, under the hand of greed, the forest is burned and destroyed. In this destructive environment we find a bird, Ara. He is very sad and loses his power to fly. At that moment he meets Curupira (played by rapper Nitro Di), the legend of the protector of the forest who will help Ara to find a tree for his new home. Finally Lua (Jutta Maria Böhmert) appears, the glorious moon who will light the path and show Ara the branches of a forest that will be reborn. This gives the bird hope again, and with the help of a song, he begins to feel the strength in his wings again and starts believing in the future.

Together for nature
With this project, Heritage Sinfonietta and Carla Maffioletti want to draw special attention to the preservation of nature and our living environment. In cooperation with several nature organisations they dedicate this project to a better world. The public has the opportunity to make a donation for forest conservation and the planting of new trees

Carla Maffioletti
Brazilian artist Carla Maffioletti is internationally known as a versatile singer, guitarist and producer. She grew up in Porto Alegre in Brazil and studied guitar at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. She then moved to Maastricht to study classical singing with Mya Besselink. She also received lessons from the world-famous American soprano Reri Grist. Carla Maffioletti is best known as a former soloist with the Johann Strauss Orchestra of André Rieu, with whom she gave about 120 concerts a year. She has also worked for many years with various opera houses and theatres, including the Luzerner Theater and the Stadttheater Giessen in Germany

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