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04 juni

On Saturday 4 and Sunday 26 June Babs van Bree and Sarah Soethoudt present their latest project Over De Stroom. On both days this performance will take place twice. The performances will take place at Sur Meuse, on the Maas in Blerick. Ticket sales started immediately via the websites of Grenswerk and de Maaspoort.

Over de Stroom is a site-specific performance by dancer Sarah Soethoudt and vocalists Babs van Bree, Amber Haddad and Bart Verhagen, with the Maas in the leading role. What does this river mean to us and what role does it play in our lives? Let yourself flow through a landscape of sound and movement in this ode to water.

The Maas and its mystique have inspired artists for centuries. The water, the stream and its place in the landscape give meaning and beauty to the surrounding areas. In Over De Stroom, the stories and feelings of this river and its nearby residents are brought together in an authentic way through music and dance.

Over De Stroom is made possible by De Maaspoort, Poppodium Grenswerk, Gemeente Venlo, Provincie Limburg and Stichting Heutz

About De Stroom
Performances on 4 & 26 June 2022
Times: 16:00 & 19:30

Starting point:
Sur Meuse
Slope 5

About Babs van Bree & Sarah Soethoudt

The first collaboration between the two young women was on Christmas Eve 2019, when the vocal trio WANDER of which Babs is a part, gave an impromptu performance together with Sarah. Then came the summer of 2020, when Sarah asked WANDER to sing live at her dance performance on location in Venlo and a love for location work was born.

After the success of De waeg nao hoes, Sarah's performance, the two decided to work together more often. This resulted in the performance 1+1 = NOT ALLEN, a walk through the woods with at the end a conceptual improvisation by Babs and Sarah together among the trees.

After a number of wonderful joint projects, Babs and Sarah felt it was time for the next step: a larger, evening-length production that will once again be performed on location. These two makers are on their way to becoming known for their unique way of working together. Bringing together sound, nature and movement, combined with a piece of Limburg DNA resulting from the underlying concept, promises great things for Over de Stroom.

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