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16 november

The triptych 'Now here, Now always', accompanied live by the Ballet Orchestra, demands the utmost virtuosity and expression from the dancers. Opener 'The Big Crying' (2021) is perhaps Marco Goecke's most personal work. The German choreographer started working on the ballet in the autumn of 2020, shortly after the death of his father. The movement language is angular, pulsating and explosive and set to music by Tori Amos: restless arm movements capture the unfathomable emotion of mourning. In many of Andrew Skeels' works, fluid partner and group work is central, which the Canadian choreographer develops with masterful precision. The structures in his choreographies are often formed by breaking points or collisions. With 'Cacti' (2010), the Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman amusingly challenges the audience to think about modern dance as a higher art form. Sixteen dancers stand trapped on enormous tiles, while running, falling, twisting and trying to escape their invisible prisons, to music by Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert.

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