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26 maart

She was admired as a dancer for her mysterious and erotic appearance. But in fact she was a spy. Mata Hari (1876-1917) was already a legend during her lifetime. But who is the woman behind the self-created fictional character?

She wants to live a free, self-determined life. She rejects social conventions. She is in search of adventure. She loves luxury. When her dancing is no longer in demand, she needs other sources of money. She is worldly. Against the backdrop of the First World War, she becomes entangled in the political intrigues of the great powers. She underestimates the danger and loses control.

Robert North follows this dazzling personality, embedded in contemporary history. In proven collaboration with composer Christopher Benstead (a.o. Carmen, Prince Rama) and stage and costume designer Luisa Spinatelli (a.o. Carmen, Beethoven!), he creates his new ballet.

The success story of Mata Hari, this famous and desirable woman who ultimately failed tragically, opens up a wide range of possibilities for a contrasting dance and music interpretation, combined with visual opulence. At the same time, the story is a parable of the downfall of the exotic, erotic world of the belle époque during the First World War.

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