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25 mei

45 years after the overwhelming success of his album 'Bat out of Hell', Meat Loaf (Marvin Lee Aday) died in 2022. The characteristic singer became world famous for his rock hit 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light', which he sang together with Ellen Foley on this 1977 album. Partly because of this unforgettable memory, Legendary Albums Live chooses this season for an integral performance of the complete album, of which 200,000 copies are still sold each year. Worldwide, more than 43 million copies have been sold, making 'Bat out of Hell' the fifth best-selling album of all time.

But 'Bat out of Hell' is not only an album with theatrical elements. Meat Loaf's performances were also characterised by theatrical acts. He told the Volkskrant: "Most rock bands think it's enough to just play their songs. I don't. People have to be drawn into a drama. Every corner of the stage has to be used." Jumping up and down a bit is not enough. You have to pull out all the stops and empathise with a role, every day."

We like to take this premise on board. The unconditionality and the amount of energy with which the colourful mastodon immersed his audience are ultimate ingredients for our show. We want to pull people off the plush.

These roles are more than entrusted to René van Kooten, Tessa Sunniva and the LA-Live band.

Fasten your seatbelts!

The Maaspoort Magazine mentions the title The Music of Sting & The Police. Unfortunately, the change of title and programme to Meat Loaf's 'Bat Out of Hell' came after the magazine had gone to press and could not be changed.

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