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12 januari

Igone de Jongh is the most acclaimed and awarded prima ballerina in our country and a great source of inspiration for audiences and choreographers alike. After 24 years of being a star dancer with the Dutch National Ballet and shining on renowned ballet stages, Igone decided to travel to audiences around the country with her first own show, I . After the success of I , it is now time for its successor, Zin in Liefde

In Zin in Liefde , the audience once again enjoy Igone at her very best. Classical ballet is alternated with a foray into modern dance. She will be assisted by the greatest talents from home and abroad. Together, they create a new 'fusion' ballet, an exciting and daring mix of classical ballet and modern theatre dance.

De Volkskrant | "Intense and virtuoso, each movement is perfectly balanced."
Trouw | "A magical moment when De Jongh straps on her pointe shoes for the interpretation of the Dying Swan, the role she never danced."
Theaterkrant | "Igone de Jongh - Iis a beautiful, stylish and aesthetically perfect mix of classical and contemporary ballet."
Ilovetheater.nl |"With powerful and energetic dance movements, De Jongh brings poetry to the stage."

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