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08 januari
with dance workshop

During this swinging dance concert, The Ruggeds and Ghetto Funk Collective will dive back in time 50 years to the era of James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. They will take you on a journey through the evolution of Funk & Soul to HipHop, House and everything in between.

These two top dance crews from Dutch soil tour the world with their skills. The Ruggeds even recently became World Breaking Champions. In GROOVE, this mix of dancing musicians and musical dancers will build a party on stage.

So dress to impress and put on your best outfit for this Night Out on the Town full of live music, improvisation and spectacular dance moves, where the Soul Train knows no end.

About The Ruggeds
The Ruggeds always strive to challenge themselves in theatre and surprise their audience. Sometimes with a banging show that gets your blood pumping like Adrenaline, or conversely in an intimate setting like State Shift. Besides being well-known in the battle scene for years, they are also gaining recognition in the theatre.

With dance workshop at 19:15 | €2,50

This awesome performance has been added to our theatre programme with support from the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund for Urban Podium Productions.

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