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25 maart

It seems far away, but is closer than ever. We are able to precisely change the genetic code of our body cells, embryos, bacteria, viruses and plants. With CRISPR cas9 technology, we can control the characteristics of any organism. A revolutionary development that will have major consequences for humans, plants and animals.

The CRISPR show zooms in on the children born after the application of these 'genetic scissors'. How does the relationship with our bodies change when we increasingly see ourselves and nature as socially engineered and controllable? In a visual and physical performance, we see these children grow up; exploring the boundaries of their bodies in search of who they are and how to be. A search for identity in a world that has more and more control over the technical side of existence.

Davy: "The possibility of applying technology in this way is there, it is just waiting for the moment that it will be used. Where do we draw the line in terms of what we find acceptable? Who defines this boundary? To investigate this, I want to show in this performance what it can mean for a future generation. Those who do not yet occupy a place in the discussion, but for whom it will determine the rest of their lives."

CRISPR is the first part of the four-part piece Davy Pieters is making at Theater Rotterdam about growing up in a future world. The central theme is the life cycle, in which we follow mankind through birth, youth, adulthood and death. Each phase of life tackles an issue concerning the consequences of technological developments and climate change.

At Theater Rotterdam, Davy previously made The Unpleasant Surprise and How to Build a Universe; the former was selected for the Venice Biennale in 2018, along with How did I die, and How to Build a Universe was awarded the VSCD Mime Prize in 2019. In June 2021, DO NOT LOOK BACK WITH REGRET, premiered, which was also nominated for the 2021 VSCD Mime Prize.

concept, direction, scenography Davy Pieters
performance Hali Neto, Ruth Borg, Qiqi van Boheemen a.o.
music Jimi Zoet
lighting design Varja Klosse
dramaturgy Elowise vandenbroecke
advice Anoek Nuyens
direction-assistance Diane Mahin
production Emma Boots
education and fringe programme Anne Solie
accompaniment of children Floor Hengeveld
technique John Tijssen, Hein van Leeuwen, Peter Leeuwenburgh
costumes, costume atelier Theater Rotterdam
marketing & publicity, Team marketing Theater Rotterdam

Unfortunately this performance has been cancelled.

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