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08 juni

Rob Scheepers is back! In his new show 'Bekant', Rob deliberately takes all the shine off what makes it more beautiful than it really is.
Lace curtains in front of the window? Immediately a lot cozier. Lace lingerie? Immediately a lot more exciting. A potty lace collar around the neck? Status drips right off. But is it justified? Doesn't lace conceal the underlying ugliness? Isn't lace the well-known layer of chrome on a package of scrap?

In 'Bekant', Rob ruthlessly rebukes a pompous world full of influencers. With Gucci sunglasses and Louis Vuitton poop bags. With all the external trappings that are supposed to hide the inner sadness. Why do we always want to make everything more beautiful than it is anyway? Isn't it much more interesting to see reality?
And let that be the hallmark of lace... you can see through it quite easily.

The press previously about Rob Scheepers :

  • 'Scheepers asks the right uncomfortable questions. A guaranteed way to make people laugh' (Theaterkrant).
  • 'Laughing is no problem at all with Rob Scheepers' (Eindhovens Dagblad).

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