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11 september

In his choreography, ballet director Robert North proves that Ludwig van Beethoven is immortal. He brings the composer, whose 250th birthday we celebrated in 2020, to life with an original and imaginative staging: a dancer, a pianist and an actor together bring Beethoven's genius to the fore

But how can we empathise with his destiny, share his passion? Do we understand how he manages to capture the shocks, upheavals and contradictions of his time in tones, and to transform them into musical structures, into moving, sad, stirring, powerful and combative sounds?

The creative artist, the witty person with great thoughts on current affairs and depressing life experiences, the fragile idealist who clings to the utopia of a better world - Robert North illuminates all these aspects through concise life situations, integrated into the exciting chapter of European contemporary history from the French Revolution to the Congress of Vienna, reflected in the person of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Beethoven is celebrated as a star by Viennese society. But his success goes hand in hand with loss of hearing, unfulfilled love and crushed political hopes. In this field of tension, Robert North explores Beethoven's inner state, his emotional moods. Passages from letters and documents also provide deep insights into his world of feelings and thoughts.

Beethoven's legacy has not lost any of its topicality. Convinced of the European idea, he steadfastly stuck to his credo (even against the passage of time): peace, freedom and humanity. Especially in these times, millions of people are becoming aware again of what it can cost to hold on to this.

With: Alessandro Borghesani, André Parfenov and Michael Grosse as "Beethoven

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