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Koperen Kees hall

Koperen Kees hall

De Maaspoort has a total of four meeting halls, varying in capacity to 60 persons. This means there is always a suitable hall for your meeting, presentation or gathering. Do you need more space? Because of the practical location of our Piet Kingma hall, De Maaspoort also offers enough space for sub sessions. All halls are attractively furnished, have natural light and the latest presentation techniques.

Koperen Kees is a mark at the front of the stage. This mark is the fixed reference measurement point for theatre technicians when placing scenery, lighting, sound and rigging. As the name suggests, this mark is often made of copper. Copper Kees can be found as a mark in almost every theatre in the Netherlands, and owes its name to Kees van der Wilk who carried out the first technical inventories. The mark is usually located at the intersection of the centre line of the stage and the imaginary line that can be drawn along the back of the mannequins.


  • Theatre seating: 60 persons
  • Cabaret set up: 30 persons
  • Square seating: 30 persons
  • U-shape setup: 26 persons
  • Beamer with screen and sound system
  • Darkening of the hall is possible
  •  Wheelchair access
  • Air conditioning
  •  Wifi access
  •  Mobile providers (GPRS, 3G and 4G)
  •  Dimensions (lxwxh): 9.00x8.20x2.94 m

why this room?

  •  Up to 60 persons
  •  Modern presentation techniques
  •  Equipped with daylight
  •  In an atmospheric theatre atmosphere

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