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Online and hybrid events

Online en hybrid events go live qualitatively in front of a large audience

In De Maaspoort, it is possible to share or record your event, congress, lecture, presentation, speech or performance via the advanced streaming installations in the Hela hall or the Frans Boermans hall.

The recording and broadcasting technology offers countless possibilities. Think for example of:

  • a live Webinar;
  • address customers or employees throughout the Netherlands or the entire world;
  • making an (amateur) performance visible in care centres or recording it for later;
  • making a meeting visible to a large audience;
  • give an online lecture or presentation.
  • from € 625 excl

We are specialised in providing all these types of livestreams at a high quality level. We think along with you about the way of recording and broadcasting and arrange everything to achieve the best result. We have the choice of one camera position or three or more camera positions and live direction or pre-programmed direction. Various companies and organisations have already been introduced to the possibilities and have called the streaming possibilities 'sublime'.

We discuss the objective and wishes and come up with an appropriate interpretation on that basis. This makes it interesting for companies as well as small-scale organisations, artists, impresarios and amateur societies.

Curious about what a livestream event looks like at De Maaspoort? Watch the video of the open location day Online & Hybrid events here.

why choose livestream?

  • Your event can be followed both live and afterwards;
  • More people can experience your event (larger reach);
  • You receive the recorded images on USB stick and you can use them for promotional purposes;
  • The recordings and broadcast are in high quality HD;
  • Professional advice and guidance.
  • Livestream event from € 625 excl.

live stream: for the viewer

There are two options for viewing the live stream.
Option 1: Participants receive a URL where they log in with a unique code to watch the livestream.
Option 2: Participants buy a livestream ticket through the website of De Maaspoort via a (sometimes hidden) link and watch the livestream via their personal Maaspoort account

Case 1 | Livestream NLW group

De Maaspoort has gained a professional TV/streaming studio, which it combines with the well-known hospitality of the organisation. We were completely unburdened, so we could concentrate on the content of the stream and didn't have to worry about anything else. Compliments for responding to this market need!

Case 2 | Livestream Leolux

It was nice that we could focus on the content. I knew that De Maaspoort is a professional organisation so I didn't have to worry about the technical side. It was also great that we could switch so quickly. The whole event was arranged within a week. Our furniture was perfectly lit, which gave it a super professional look.

Live streams are not only interesting for companies, but also for impresarios and artists there are many different options to choose from. Do you have questions about the possibilities for your organisation? Please contact event manager Michelle Jaspers for more information. We like to think along with you.

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