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24 mei

FRAMED is a cinematically edited narrative in which live dance, film images and music come together to create a shared world.
In the latest performance by Conny Janssen Danst, we observe twelve characters who seem to have nothing to do with each other. Through film images and live dance, we see slices of life and zoom in on the different small lives. With a mosaic of stories, we discover what connects them. Where their individual lives intersect without them realising it themselves.

In FRAMED, a major role is reserved for video. Conny Janssen works together with set designer Thomas Rupert and film maker Davide Bellotta. A 33 m2 LED screen represents the skin of the city like an abstract painting. The film images on the screen serve as a source of light and sensitivity for the adventurous group of dancers, consisting of young talent and familiar faces. The music in FRAMED is a varied soundtrack that moves between crystal-clear classical music and cinematic urban soundscapes.

with FRAMED we see different lives in the city: each in its own rhythm and routine, each with its own desire. We create an associative world, a mosaic of fragments in which the figures pass by, wandering in their own minds. Especially in this day and age, when we live more isolated than we might like, we show that everyone deals in their own way with the feeling that lies behind our daily lives
- Conny Janssen

No discounts are valid for this performance. With the exception of discounts for students and schoolchildren click here for more information.


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