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Scavenger hunt Cultural Tour Venlo

Speurtocht Cultureel Rondje Venlo discover the cultural hotspots of Venlo

We have something fun for you! To do alone, or together with your friend or family. The Cultural Tour of Venlo is great fun for young and old! Besides that, you can also win prizes...

Scavenger hunt Cultural Tour Venlo
How well do you know Cultural Venlo? Walk a scavenger hunt through the centre along the most beautiful cultural hotspots and enjoy the spring sunshine
The treasure hunt is intended for both young and old and you can choose for yourself when you want to walk it. A central starting point has been chosen with parking facilities. The route makes a nice round through the centre of Venlo.
The route leads you along different sights in the centre of Venlo. It is a unique, surprising and instructive way to get acquainted with the inner city of Venlo. The assignments are both questions and photo assignments. The answers to the questions can be found on the spot or your general knowledge will be severely tested
general knowledge will be put to the test. Of course, you can always call in a helpline by searching the internet.

Win a Maaspoort gift voucher
Want a chance to win a gift voucher from the Maaspoort? Make a creative collage of all the photos taken during the scavenger hunt and send it
and send it to pr@maaspoort.nl!

You can do the treasure hunt download here. Have fun!

Have you finished the scavenger hunt? Check here your answers


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